KenJer Industries was formed in 2002 after founder, Ken Questiaux, decided there must be a better way to keep track of hardware. Ken, the owner of a successful auto body business, was tired of paying people to make holes in cardboard to hold bolts, thus, BoltByte Tools was created.

BoltByte was first marketed in the automotive industry. Later, the decision was made to branch into other industries with hardware tracking needs. Branching into the aircraft maintenance industry, a local medical helicopter maintenance facility was contacted to determine how they were keeping track of hardware. After a demonstration of how BoltByte Tools kept track of the hardware, the maintenance crews were impressed, and BoltByte had successfully entered the aircraft industry.

Our goal has expanded from helping maintainers keep track of hardware, to the desire of preventing FOD damage, due to lost hardware. What the research showed about the significant cost in damage, lost time, and ultimately human life, due to FOD damage was astonishing. As a company, it was decided to strive toward eliminating that cost due to lost hardware. The BoltByte Tool, which was patented a short time later, is the only FOD prevention program geared toward dealing with hardware, before it is lost.

While moving toward this goal, BoltByte Tools have evolved. They have gone from the basic multi-hole boards, to complex bolt patterns, complete with artwork, of an exact match to the item being taken apart. Having a matching bolt pattern means that the maintainer can quickly and easily check to make sure all of the hardware is accounted for.

Even though BoltByte Tools and KenJer Industries have expanded over the years, we are still located in Butler, Pennsylvania. Our team will work with your team to design BoltByte Tool products to meet your specific applications. To borrow a saying that a local restaurant used to have above their doors, “The finest people in the world come through these doors, our customers.” We look at each new customer as the beginning of a long-term friendship.

Thank you for visiting our website. BoltByte Tools team looks forward to helping you and your company to have a FOD free day.